We are pleased to announce to all stakeholders and interested parties that the second edition of the Wazihub Innovation Competition has ended. The primary objective of the WAZIHUB project is to encourage the adoption of low-cost and open IoT solutions throughout Africa. …

Organized by the WaziHub Consortium, the innovation competition is a nest to foster entrepreneurship in the field of IoT in the 6 countries our partner hubs are located.

In 5 months, competing teams received capacity building in IoT hardwares and communication, IoT prototyping support, and business model coaching with their…

Abstract by Abdur Rahim — WAZIHUB Project Co-ordinator

IoT, or ‘Internet of Things’, is an ongoing revolution that is changing the way innovation is being made around the world. Startups, innovators and tech enthusiasts can now create their prototypes, with very little initial investment. Africa is taking part of this…

After a successful first edition, the Wazihub consortium funded by the European commission under H2020, dedicated to the creation of affordable IoT solutions in Africa by young entrepreneurs, launches the call for applications for the second edition of its Innovation Competition.

The initiative, the first of its kind in Africa…

The total number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is projected to be 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025. In this revolution, the African continent has the potential to fulfill the promises and challenges brought by the IoT.

However, the continent needs drivers, people with the expertise and the…

The First Edition of the Wazihub Innovation Competition ended andwe have 16 finalists competing to win the prizes.
The best 3 teams will be awarded a 1000€ cash prize and further promotion in our networks.

Teams are evaluated on:

  • Prototyping realizations,
  • Web or Mobile App,
  • innovativeness
  • Business Model


We are delighted to share the selected teams for the first IoT Prototyping Competition in 6 African countries!

For a period of 13 weeks, participants will learn and build IoT prototypes in 4 stages:

The following teams have been selected for their innovative ideas, the feasibility of the project and…

The WAZIHUB project is conducting a mapping exercise of all Internet of things & Big Data initiatives in Africa.

The results of this exercise will inform IoT & Big Data interventions that governments and innovation actors can implement:

  • to increase uptake and use of the Internet of Things & Big…

YEAY! We launched our community forum

Forum page screenshot

We are very excited to announce the launch of the community forum on WAZIUP website. The forum is a space where makers, developers, and entrepreneurs can:
- give feedback and share hacks on the WaziDev, WaziGate and Cloud Platform
- share their challenges and get support from our experts
- be informed about new software release and other announcements

This forum is also an opportunity to build a network of engaged makers who share experiences on the IoT ecosystem in Africa.

Join the community now!

The deadline for the call for applications to our innovation competition has been extended to May 15.

This innovation competition, first of its kind in sub-saharan Africa, is open to all IoT enthusiasts who want to build a prototype of their invention and develop a scalable business model.


Wazihub IoT

Enabling Solution Providers to Innovate & Build Low-Cost End to End IoT Solutions

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